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Group Administrators - Why Offer Dental?

Oral health has become a major issue across the globe, and approximately 20.5 million workdays are lost annually worldwide due to oral health problems. In fact, dental benefits are now the most requested benefit after medical and retirement. As a part of a comprehensive benefits package, dental coverage helps employers attract and retain talented workers. Read our industry tip for more about How Do Dental Benefits Rank?

Long Term Savings

Dental benefits serve as financial assistance, and encourage preventive care, which helps reduce the loss of productivity. Dental benefits packages are built on the idea of preventive careresearch shows that regular preventive services like cleanings, X-rays and check-ups can identify and even stop oral disease before it progresses to a more serious level.

Access to appropriate, affordable care

DeCare Dental is a dental benefit management company that manages a roster of companies that deliver comprehensive services targeting the oral health care industry. Unlike many of our competitors, we focus entirely on dental benefits administration. Our goal is to provide consumers with access to affordable dental benefit solutions.

Online Enrollment Tool

Online Enrollment is designed to assist you with daily maintenance of your membership data with DeCare Dental. Once you’ve enrolled your employees online, you can quickly view and change information and print a report of the data. All transactions will be updated immediately in our enrollment system. To get started, complete and submit an Online Enrollment User Request Form. Then with your username and password, sign in to use this application.

Billing Reports Online for Group Administrators

DeCare Dental’s
Billing Reports Online tool gives groups the ability to view and print applicable billing documents (invoices, statements, subscriber listing reports and claims detail reports) securely online as soon as they are generated.

Highlights of this online feature:

Sign Up for Billing Reports Online Today
It’s easy to sign up and begin using this helpful application. Simply complete and submit a Billing Reports Online User Request Form.

Dental benefits are a valuable part of an employee benefits package designed to help retain talented workers.