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The term “Quality Decision Making” as used to describe DeCare Dental’s analytical tier ranking of dentists does NOT mean that: 1.)  higher ranking dentists are “good” and the others are “bad” in the normal sense of those words; 2.)  higher ranking dentists deliver quality dental care and that others do not; or 3.)  higher ranking dentists are those that have the lowest fees or offer the largest discounts.

What the term does mean is that not all dentists make the same treatment decisions and the treatment decisions dentists make do have attributes and characteristics by which individual dentists differentiate or distinguish themselves from their peers. Different treatment decisions and utilization have the most significant impact on the economic value component of the dental benefit equation over time. 


As a result, higher ranking dentists under DeCare’s analytical tier rankings generally will be those whose treatment decisions and utilization patterns deliver the most economic value to the dental benefit equation over time. The treatment decisions and utilization patterns of the higher ranking dentists also tend to be consistent with the published scientific clinical literature.