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Electronic Remittance Advice


The 835/Electronic Remittance Advice(ERA) is an electronic version of the provider Explanation of Benefits (EOB). You will receive this from the same clearinghouse used to submit your claims electronically. Check with your software vendor to determine how you will receive the ERAs.

If you are a Minnesota provider, we must comply with the MN Statute 62J.536 requiring all provider EOBs be sent and accepted electronically. If you need duplicate EOBs, you can print a copy by going to Claims Inquiry on this Web site. You can also contact Customer Service.

If you have any questions on the ERA, You can refer to the Claims Inquiry on this Web site to view the claim online or you can contact Customer Service with the number listed on the subscriber’s ID card.


To start receiving the 835/ERA, you will need to register for this process. You will need to register for either Emdeon or Secure EDI to ensure the 835s are routed to your office. If you don’t know if you use Emdeon or Secure EDI, contact your current software vendor or your own clearinghouse for more information.

Emdeon 835 Registration form. This form may be used by providers using Emdeon as a clearinghouse.

Secure EDI 835 Registration form. This form may be used by providers using Secure EDI as a clearinghouse.

Additionally, you can view the 835 transactions via the Web sites that are supplied by Emdeon and Secure EDI.

To access the Emdeon Web site, go to and self register. Select "Register for DPS" to start the registration process. When you get to a screen that asks for a promo code or partner code, just click next. At the end, you will create your own User ID and password.

To access the Secure EDI Web site, go to and click on the "Register" box. Complete the rest of the registration details as instructed.