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Led by a team of experts comprising dentists, actuaries and statisticians, DeCare Analytics, a subsidiary of DeCare Dental, develops proprietary, data-driven processes to implement solutions that yield exceptional economic value to partners and customers.

Dental Benefits in an Evolving Marketplace
Today's health and dental benefit consumer demands not just choice, but informed choice.  In a world of spiraling healthcare costs, where every dollar does count, consumers want to know where they should go and who they should see to receive the best value for their money.

Dental is no different.  While dental is not experiencing double-digit cost increases, consumers are demanding more accountability, especially given the increasing cost burden placed on employees.

Dental benefit delivery models, however, have evolved little in the past 30 years. While traditional Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), Dental Health Maintenance Organizations (DHMOs) and Fee-For-Service models have delivered significant point-of-service savings, none are equipped to identify individual dentists who provide the best economic value. DeCare Dental has changed that equation through the development of data-driven dental benefit programs.